They Call Me Mellow Yellow (makurachan) wrote,
They Call Me Mellow Yellow

i just realized something today...
this is going to be my last REAL summer ever... i mean next year our class graduates, and summers are just business days. none of the fun months of lazy nothingness

i want this summer to be great, like better the summer already is, lots of sitting around, beach, vandalism, insomnia, pools and buddies. ;) but nothing can beat those summers when you were like 5 and all day you played in the dirt, or the hose and chased butterflies. heard they probably wont have a beatles fair this year, which really freaking bites. i was looking forward to since last year.

man... i'm sooo getting fireworks this july. just baby ones, of course{Pansy}. and snakes! man, we haven't had snakes since i was like 8

today was good
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