They Call Me Mellow Yellow (makurachan) wrote,
They Call Me Mellow Yellow

sex rant

i'm sick of pervert jerks. You'll laugh at somebody like the kid who collects yu-gi-oh cards in highschool, and it's not because you don't like yu-gi-oh, it's because he's obsessed. why then don't we shun the kids who deserve it, the jerks obsessed with sex and the whores that give it to them? it's not okay. sex is for folks in love, something you do with a person you apperciate, care for and respect. and if you are going to just f*** around witha guy/gal, don't call it a relationship. dont say you feel something you don't just to get someone out of their pants. don't settle for assholes, don't be whores

seems to me like the guys who get the most, usually don't deserve any.

as for me, i'm saving myself. I'm not giving any of this sizzlin' hot stuff away to any half-decent guy. i know when i say that some people think i have super high standards, but now a days, any standards at all and people think you're some prude.

i don't think that wanting a guy who sees me for more than a cooch and boobs, and wants me for more than a cooch a boobs is high standards, because it's not high standards, i believe it's what makes people happy in the long run.

people 'flaunt' what they want people to love about them, some people flaunt just their bodies, i find that sad.
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