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hope you all like the layout, i apologise for any headaches, trama or vision impairments caused by the color choices. didn't go to the 46 short show last night, i was kinda apathetic about going, which is sad because i looked forward to it for a while. I did get the PO box i wanted though. wednesday i came home to find my mom had emptied my room, and told me to put back and oraginse the things i need to keep. My room was a mess, and i know it was hard work cleaning it all out and that she was doing me a favor, so it wasn't so bad. So now my room is clean and organised, it's differnt, but nice... i miss the mess a little... I mean, my clothes are on hangers, my canopy is gone and i took down my certificate of passing the 6th grade. now, i just have to go through all the bags of stuff in the garage...
just got back from party city and dinner. they STILL haven't given me my check (they lost it) and haven't re-printed a new one. halloween was 2 weeks ago... i'm not really in a hurry to get it and i love those guys, but this is still lame. oh well, i saw courtney when i went, she's so great.
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